Joe Dolan

Joe Dolan is an American rock musician, photographer, former radio personality and an active bass player in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Joe was a popular choice for performing bands throughout New England and New York in the American Hard Rock, Punk and Metal scene for writing and regional touring as a resident bass player. This has included short term and one-off performances with major label artists including Ben Orr, Jani Lane, Kevin DuBrow, Kip Winger, Trixter, Peter Wolf, Charlie Farren, Magic Dick, Blue Oyster Cult, Slaughter, Nuclear Assault and others while performing throughout the Northeast. In 2006, Joe became a permanent resident of Los Angeles, CA.

About Joe Dolan
About Joe Dolan


Personal Life

Joe Dolan was born in June 1971 in Framingham, MA to a mother in the medical profession and a father who created the visual display face for companies including Macy’s (NY) and Hart Schaffner Marx. Joe’s father performed occasional drumming in New York City for jazz and R&B artists on the scene.

After the separation of his parents, Joe was raised in Millville, MA – a small farm-style border town between MA and RI. His mother was an avid classical music fanatic and impressed music theory on Joe at a young age – on weekends, his father introduced him to every musical style the radio offered and pushed him to listen to everything he could as influence. This included a lot of jazz and pop friendly music.

At age 14, Joe moved to Milford, MA to live with his father and to get the freedom to explore the bass guitar (and Twisted Sister), which his mother didn’t think would be beneficial. Joe attended Hopedale High School, infamous for being Joe Perry’s high school. Joe’s principal would often tell him, “It’s like I told Joe Perry, school first, music later.” It was a nice quote, but it didn’t resonate with Joe’s passion.

Music Career

At age 16, Joe opted the musical route over school, dropped out and began performing in clubs with punk and metal bands at an early age including Boston’s Rathskellers, The Middle East, The Paradise and Narcissus; Worcester’s Sir Morgan’s Cove and Ralph’s Diner; Connecticut’s Toad’s Place and venues in New Hampshire and even the disgusting stage at CBGB’s where, as Joe often states, “I had to cut my teeth somewhere, why not in the Bowery where most of the residents didn’t have teeth.

In the mid 1980’s, glam metal and MTV were popular and unlike the hipster and traditional scene in Boston, Joe drove to compete with the magazine covers for shock value, grew his hair long, dressed in bright and tattered garb and adopted the glam/metal style that was coming from Los Angeles, while still maintaining an underground image performing on the smaller punk and extreme metal scene. This included performing with a host of glam and hard rock artists over the next decade until the scene changed.

After a short reprieve to build a record label, Joe returned to writing, recording and performing in the early 2000’s before moving to Los Angeles where he records and performs today.

About Joe Dolan