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Heaven and Earth

Heaven & Earth UK Summer Tour

Heaven & Earth is a super-group that features guitarist Stuart Smith along with vocalist Joe Retta (Sweet) and what has, over the years, recorded with a revolving door of top level musicians in the rock realm. In 2013, the band released a CD titled DIG on the newly formed Quarto Valley Records label and featured bassist Chuck Wright, drummer Richie Onori and keyboardist Arlan Schierbaum along with Smith and Retta. The sold out CD release party at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles was a literal carnival of music and stage antics that brought a blend of visual and audible magic that pushed senses to literal overload. It was truly amazing.

As super-groups feature working artists, the line-up went through some changes as members moved on to continue working with their main projects. Still, the band would continue to tour with other iconic musicians accompanying Retta and Smith. This led to the 2014 UK Summer Tour and I came in to support press and ticket sales when the band booked the tour dates.

The Need

While the CD is truly a top notch work, it garnered little press support from the band's initial PR team and while the demand for the music was there, the widespread press on release of the CD and the subsequent tour dates was at a minimum. The label was spending the money to bring the band overseas, and in order to get a return on the investment, the market overseas needed to know A.) that the band was coming, and B.) what they could expect.

The Strategy

I came to the tour rehearsals and put up a camera to capture the band in the raw, working on the songs that they would perform in the set. Nothing polished, but a true vision of what would hit the stage on tour. Getting the video, the tour dates and the link to the ticket sale page in front of the general concert going public in the tour locations was an immediate need as the band was leaving in a week for the UK.

The video was put online and immediately shared with a pre-determined list of online music press, as well as individual media outlets along the tour route with consistent follow-up as the band came through.

Pressing the video on the social network and getting commercial placement on online rock radio rock radio stations like All Hard Rock Radio would help churn the wheel.

The Result

The band enjoyed a successful tour leg with 16+ dates, CD sales and news coverage that would support ongoing tour dates in the future.

Below is the rehearsal video.